Light Magic, Inc.


We were told:

"You can't make it here"


"Nothing is made in the USA anymore"


"You MUST outsource"


"People don't care about quality, only price"



These are the things we were told throughout the design, construction and setup of Light Magic and GENESES.

It is true that making a high quality product isn't easy, or that manufacturing in the USA doesn't come with challenges.


To all the people who told us it couldn't be done...... our reply is:



"Made in the USA"

Government Requirements:

  • 51% American parts and labor

"Made in the USA"

How other companies often claim it:

  • They partially assemble it here
  • It contains a USA part
  • They just label it American


Consider for a moment what a true "Made in the USA" product is as Light Magic defines it:

  • American raw materials (No lead or other "Mystery ingredients")
  • 100% USA based support and service
  • 100% Assembly right here in the USA
  • 81%+ of all production costs are domestic (30% higher than the Government requires)
  • 3rd party auditing and certification of compliance (we're doing it)
  • An ongoing commitment to achieve 100% USA parts, labor, and support


Light Magic's GENESIS is Made in the USA


What added benefits does this provide?

  • Real emission standards enforced. No dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Good jobs and a bright career for American workers
  • Added safety for your home (we certify everything with the UL)
  • Keeping dollars in the USA, while bringing dollars back from overseas by exporting

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