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Matthew Bevington

CEO and Founder of Light Magic


"For the longest time, I was always watching and waiting for someone else to do the right thing."


I was very fortunate to learn at a young age that no one is going to do the right thing to your standards of expectation.  It's easy to sit back and be critical of what you think should or shouldn't be happening.  However, the only way to see that things get better is to take action and become part of that change.


Everyone is always looking for a Hero... in celebrities, in politicians, in reality TV...someone strong enough to affect positive change.


The truth is you can be the Hero. Together WE can be Heroes. There is nothing that can't be accomplished with liberal amounts of hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, humility, righteousness and patience.


So much has been sacrificed to bring us to this point:


  • Our ancestors gave up everything to colonize a wilderness for a better future
  • Our patriotic fore bearers gave up everything to establish freedom for us
  • Our Veterans (my brothers and sisters) paid with blood to keep our freedoms
  • Our teachers sacrificed their time, effort, and often their dreams to instruct us
  • Our parents gave their time, their money and their love to create and nurture us


We are their hopes and dreams made manifest.

For the price they paid, we must be the best humans ever.

In this endeavor, we cannot allow ourselves to fail.


This is a special time, unique in all the history of the world. It is a time where anyone can make a difference, where any voice can be heard, and anyone who is willing to pay the price can change their world.


The truth is that anyone can stand up and be a hero for anything they are passionate about.


My name is Matthew Bevington, I'm a U.S. Navy Veteran, an inventor, an engineer, a programmer, a cryptologist, a workaholic, a patriot, a dreamer, a business founder, and a husband.


My passion is happiness, to bring joy to a world that is in dire need of it. To right the wrongs of outsourcing.

To bring families together, to make couples lovers again. In these things our world will be a better place.


The time for watching and waiting for someone else to do it is over...


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