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We've been asked this question many times, in many different ways:

  • "What made you want to build this?"
  • "Where did you get the idea?"
  • "What's next"?
  • "How long did it take to do this?"




Our Personal History & Mission

To understand why we did this, you must understand who we are:


Both of the founders of Light Magic came from very modest beginnings in a small town. We didn't come from wealthy families (quite the opposite), we couldn't afford to go to the best schools (although we dreamed of it), and we began our marriage very young with nothing more than love. As far as we were concerned, we were rich.


What we did have were loving families and strong values that taught "work hard and you can do anything".

No truer words have been spoken, but it isn't easy and it isn't quick. It took more than a decade of saving, hard work and learning just to prepare for the start of research for Light Magic. Another seven years of work and savings just to produce the first prototype. Would we do it again? Without a second thought. Sacrifice is necessary.

This is the heart of what makes the USA great: "Work hard and you can accomplish anything".


Why are we building GENESIS?

What do we see?


One of our passions is making people happy. This has always taken the form of doing a great job, treating people exceptionally, and always listening. It is simply amazing how people expect other people to be dismissive or disrespectful to them. We see this everywhere... in the workplace, in public, on the Internet... everywhere.


One of the few places you never see people with a frown is at a fireworks display, a Christmas display, or at a good music show. We noticed that people come from all over and are willing to battle crowds of people (and traffic) just to get a small fix of wonder, imagination and beauty. The problem is that people have to wait long periods of time in-between these events. And what about the kids? What if the parents are too busy to take them? How does this impact the family? Family is too important, and memories are too valuable to neglect. What about couples making time for romance? What about spending time together?


We observed that families do not spend enough time together. People have too many distractions that pull them away from the people they care about most.  We could see that couples are too tired, and too busy to properly reconnect.  We saw that these factors are not only bad for people, they also contribute to breakdowns in society.

It was time to take action... but it would take many years of work, and a lifetime of savings to try...


Light Magic's History


The work on Light Magic started just over seven years ago as an amusement research company. Back then, we looked very different as we experimented with dozens of inventions, designed new concepts and learned all about the technology, entertainment, software, music, amusement, and intellectual property businesses.


Always the mission was the same:

Bring happiness to as many people as possible.


What is GENESIS?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


noun gen·e·sis \ˈje-nə-səs\

: the beginning of something


We sought out to create something that would bring families together, bring couples together, and would cut through all the distractions of life. We wanted it to be entertaining, create memories, and create an environment conducive to rekindling love and affection. The answer we came up with is GENESIS Advanced Lighting System.


With its state-of-the-art technology and ease of use, it entertains like nothing else on the market. It will bring your family together for the holidays. The music and lights can also relax you after a long day or help to enhance the mood with someone special.


GENESIS is our answer to helping people, families and society is to bring people together in entertainment. What the world needs is more happiness, more togetherness, and more love. We make it convenient, we make it fast, we make it at the push of a button... and we make it here in the USA.  GENESIS is only our beginning, so stay tuned for the great things yet to come!


Light Magic's Dictionary


noun gen·e·sis \ˈje-nə-səs\

: the beginning of something BIG




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